Mercedes-Benz 4 Person E Class Convertible

Ideal for days on the open road with the roof down, sheer pleasure to drive.

C Class Mercedes ConvertibleThis is the ultimate ride in style, grace and sheer indulgence. Perfect for either groups or more personal occasions. The biggest moment in your life, the most magical moment in your relationship, or simply because you rarely settle for anything less; ensure a luxurous journey in our customised stretch Mercedes-Benz limousine.


  • Mercedes E Class Cabriolet
  • Seats driver and 3 passengers in comfort
  • Surround sound system
  • Easily convertible for sunny days
  • Large chrome wheels
  • Sumptuous leather upholstery
  • Tinted windows
  • Black upholstery - makes your photos pop
  • Air conditioned luxury
  • Perfect for intimate occasions
Mercedes E Class Convertible

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